Week 1

So I weighed myself even though I said I wouldn’t.

SW: 160
CW: 155

Down five pounds this week! It’s all water weight but I’m glad it’s gone now, I feel much better already :) signed up for an indoor cycling class so my days are gonna look like this starting next week:

Morning: Turbo Fire
Evening: kickboxing then cycling

Hopefully I can keep the pace! :)

Week 1

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

CW: 160

Hey guys!

So I started back into my workout and clean eating routine and so far so good! I refuse to weigh myself until next thursday so I can get a proper weigh in. I’m very exhausted from getting up at 6:15 and working out then working out right after work at my kickboxing class. 

It’ll be worth it :) 

Thanks for all the fitspo posts, they help IMMENSELY! 

Weight Loss

Hey guys,

Well I’m back on Tumblr after starting my last weight loss blog almost a year ago. In the end I lost 40 pounds going from
I felt amazing and so much better about myself. However, the past few months have been my downfall. I’ve gained back 7 pounds just in time for bikini season….. Yay….

So! Since this worked for me in the past I’m going to started my second weight loss blog, I’m going to call it “The Last 20.” This will be my final haul to get to my goal weight, no more cheating, no more saying it’s just one chocolate. I’m ready to hit my final goal weight and stop using food to curb my feelings.

So here it is! The beginning!

CW: 160
GW: 140

Lets do this.